Do I Need to Replace My Missing Teeth?

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Replacing a missing tooth can seem cost prohibitive, and some patients may question whether it is even necessary. Besides the fact that a missing tooth is a source of insecurity for most people, missing teeth can have definite negative effects on your dental health. If you loose a tooth, it is important to consider your treatment options quickly, before bigger problems can develop.

The Problem with Missing Teeth

Certainly for many people, loosing a tooth is a cosmetic issue. Feeling self conscious about your smile can have definite negative effects on your self esteem and mental heath. More than this, however, losing a tooth can have a real impact on your dental health. Loss of a tooth puts remaining teeth at increased risk of damage and decay. They can also shift, putting your healthy bite at risk and increasing your likelihood of grinding or clenching. The most serious potential problem is bone loss. Without the roots of your teeth stimulating your jaw bones, the bone can begin to erode, threatening the integrity of your jaw.

Treatment Options

Dr. Sal Lotardo at Bella Smiles in Riverhead and Roslyn, NY offers a range of tooth replacement options. We customize each patient’s treatment plan according to their specific tooth replacement needs, cosmetic goals, and budget. We do our best to give every patient results that they can feel happy about.

  • Dental Bridge: A bridge can be permanently placed to replace one or several missing teeth. A traditional bridge uses dental crowns that are placed over the adjacent teeth. For patients with several consecutive missing teeth, an implant supported bridge is a good permanent option that doesn’t damage surrounding teeth.
  • Dentures: Dentures are a tried and true option for replacing a row of teeth that is entirely or mostly missing. Traditional dentures are removable for daily cleaning and maintenance.
  • Dental Implants: Implants provide the most permanent and natural-looking option for tooth replacement. They are a permanent option that blends flawlessly with the rest of your teeth and functions as a natural tooth would. With dental implants, you can feel confident that your smile looks its best.
  • All-on-4®: All-on-4 implants are an option for patients missing an entire row of teeth. A full row of teeth can be replaced using as little as four implants. The implants are placed at the root, stabilizing bone, but can be used on patients with less available bone. Because the teeth are replaced as a set, using a single appliance, All-on-4 is generally cheaper overall than individual implants

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Are you interested in replacing your missing tooth or teeth? Consider Bella Smiles, experts in implant dentistry. To discuss tooth replacement options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sal Lotardo. Contact our Riverhead office online or at (631) 574-3898 today. We look forward to helping you to a smile that looks and feels its best.