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Dr. Sal Lotardo is committed to postgraduate training and education for the ongoing improvement of the patient experience. He sees and believes in the value of learning from the experience of colleagues and the sharing of resources. His years of experience has allowed him to write on a wide range of topics related to dentistry. Check out some samples of his notable work and contributions below.

Treatment of Super Eruption Secondary to Anterior Wearinside dentistry logo

Article printed in June, 2016, Inside Dentistry, Volume 12, Issue 6

Building A Fee For Service PracticeDental Economics Logo

Article printed in Dental Economics September 22, 2016

How Camaraderie Advances Cosmetic DentistryCompendium Continuing Education Dentistry logo

Article printed April 2017 in Compendium, Volume 38, Issue 4

To Be or Not to Be…AccreditedAmerican Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry logo

Article dated September 7, 2017 by AACD Executive Office