Pediatric Dentistry Riverhead, Roslyn and Nesconset, NY

Bella Smiles welcomes children to our family-friendly dentist office locations in Riverhead, Nesconset, and Roslyn, NY. Drs. Lotardo, Pop, and Caesar offer children’s dental services to keep a growing smile healthy, comfortable, and functional.

Our team looks forward to meeting your child and makes every effort to ensure they feel comfortable during their visit. We want our young patients to develop good oral habits as early as possible- this is the key to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Pediatric Dental Services for Growing Smiles

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As a family dentist serving our dental care team at Bella Smiles offers the comprehensive care your growing child needs to address everything from routine preventive care to orthodontics and dental emergencies. One dental office for all of your oral health needs provides convenient care for today’s busy families.

Children’s dental services can include:

We recommend that parents and caregivers bring a child to the dentist once the primary teeth have begun to erupt. Although they are very young, these early visits enable us to look for early signs of dental concerns that may affect speech development, offer at-home oral hygiene advice, and get to know your child on a personal level. We want our young patients to know us and learn about the benefits of a healthy smile.

Preventing Pediatric Tooth Decay

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry estimates that over 50% of first-graders and 80% of 17-year-olds have cavities.

Tooth decay is a prevalent oral health concern that affects children of all ages. Preventing tooth decay is essential for helping your child maintain their natural smile. Dr. Pop helps children look at proper brushing and flossing techniques and can offer personalized advice on how parents can encourage their children to brush.

Children prone to tooth decay may consider dental sealants. Sealant gel is a topical application that Dr. Pop applies to the crowns and surfaces of teeth. The gel hardens as it dries and helps to protect the teeth from bacteria build-up that causes tooth decay.

Help your child maintain their natural smile:

  • Brushing teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste (over age 2)
  • Flossing once a day
  • Limiting sugary drinks and beverages
  • Following recommended guidelines for nursing, bottle and sippy cup use

Maintaining your child’s primary teeth (baby teeth) until they are lost naturally can help prevent future dental health concerns. Primary teeth help your child develop speech and are necessary for allowing your child to eat a nutritious diet.

Once your child’s permanent molars have erupted, we can place dental sealants on the biting surface of these teeth to prevent food particles from becoming lodged between the cusps. This and the effects of improper tooth brushing make these larger teeth more susceptible to decay and cavities which can affect the integrity of the teeth down the road.

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