Dental Bridges Riverhead, Roslyn and Nesconset, NY

At Bella Smiles in Riverhead, Nesconset and Roslyn, NY, Drs. Lotardo, Pop and Caesar offer the best that modern dentistry has to offer when it comes to tooth replacement, including dental bridges. A dental bridge can be used to replace one or several consecutive missing teeth. Your dental bridge can be permanently secured with implant dentistry for a comfortable and confident smile.

Dental bridges are secured by either existing teeth on either side or dental implants. When existing teeth are used, a dental crown is typically placed to add strength and ensure a lasting restoration.

Implant Supported Bridge

Our dentists can use a dental bridge that is secured to dental implants to replace several consecutive missing teeth. This is an ideal option for patients who want a permanent result and who do not want to damage adjacent healthy teeth to get a bridge placed. Traditional bridgework is secured with dental crowns that are placed over the adjacent teeth. Those teeth will need to be ground down to accommodate the crowns. By using dental implants to have the bridge placed, the surrounding healthy teeth will stay intact.

For a single missing tooth, instead of traditional bridgework, we often recommend replacing it with an implant-supported crown. This will avoid damaging the healthy adjacent teeth. Implants promote continued bone growth in your jaw thus preventing bone loss and gum recession. An implant will actually replace the lost tooth root which will provide stimulation for the bone to prevent it from shrinking.

About the dental bridge procedure

The dental bridge procedure will begin with a consultation to assess your dental health and plan your treatment. Depending on the health of your existing teeth, the decision will be made to place dental crowns or use dental implants to secure the bridge. The goal of treatment is a dental bridge that will last for many years, providing natural function and supporting your long term oral health.

For a traditional bridge, we will prepare the abutment teeth for crown placement. Dental impressions are taken after this step that will be used to fabricate your restoration. Once it is ready, you will return to our office where the bridge will be cemented into place.

Our dental care team will explain all aspects of your dental bridge procedure and ensure that when you visit with us you feel comfortable during your treatment. If dental implants are being placed to secure the bridge, all phases of treatment can be performed in the comfort of one of our dentist offices on Long Island. This makes treatment both more convenient and consistent for a predictable result. The first step in the implant process is to have the implants surgically placed into your jaw bone. After three to six months of healing, your Bella Smiles dentist will be able to connect the bridge to the implants.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have missing teeth, we offer dental bridges in our Roslyn, Nesconset and Riverhead, NY offices. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Lotardo, Dr. Pop or Dr. Caesar at Bella Smiles. We will discuss your oral health, concerns, and budget to see what treatment option is right for you.