Dental Concerns Riverhead, Roslyn and Nesconset, NY

Dental concerns can affect the appearance and health of your smile as well as your quality of life. Dental concerns range in complexity and you should always have your dentist evaluate them. This will help prevent the development of any additional dental concerns.

Bella Smiles in Riverhead, Nesconset, and Roslyn, NY, provides comprehensive dentistry for the treatment of common and complex dental concerns.

Led by Dr. Sal Lotardo our dental care team serves patients with exceptional clinical care and personalized attention. We help patients maintain and restore their oral health so they may enjoy a confident, beautiful smile.

We have dental offices in in Roslyn, Riverhead, and Nesconset, NY that treat many dental concerns

Personalized Dental Care for Dental Concerns

Our dentists offer thorough dental health evaluations and one-on-one patient consultations. During your consultation, you will discuss your cosmetic goals and oral health concerns with your dentist. We give our patients time to ask questions and encourage their engagement in their oral health.

Your dentist will evaluate the health and function of your teeth, gums, and jaw and help to develop a personalized treatment plan to address your dental concerns. We always work to provide the most conservative treatments possible to prevent unnecessary dental work and to preserve as much of your natural smile as possible.

At Bella Smiles, we emphasize the importance of routine dental care. Regular visits to Bella Smiles allow for the early detection of any developing dental concerns which affords your dentist the ability to provide more conservative treatment options. Treating dental concerns early on in development helps to protect the rest of your smile from additional damage.

Common Dental Concerns

We treat a wide range of dental concerns in our two convenient Long Island family and cosmetic dentist offices. Dr. Pop will recommend coming in for a visit at the first sign of a dental problem or if you are experiencing sudden tooth pain or discomfort.

Dental problems we can address include:

Bleeding Gums

A common side effect of gum disease, bleeding gums should never be ignored.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth set off a domino effect of secondary oral health issues including bone loss and gum disease. Replacing missing teeth quickly after loss is key to maintaining your oral health.

Crooked Teeth

A cosmetic concern, crooked teeth can also cause additional oral health concerns such as an increase in tooth decay and TMJ.

Discolored Teeth

Discolored teeth can detract from the beauty of your smile. Bella Smiles provides effective solutions for whitening your teeth.

Teeth Grinding

Bruxism can damage your jaw and create painful symptoms. TMJ therapy can help to alleviate daily headaches and jaw discomfort.

Lines and Wrinkles

The aging process creates wrinkles and fine lines on the face that can detract from the appearance of your smile. Bella Smiles offers Facial Fillers from the comfort of our Roslyn, NY dentist office.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Sleep apnea and snoring are serious medical conditions that can be treated with a custom oral sleep appliance designed by your dentist.

Fear of The Dentist

We offer conscious dental sedation for patients that have dental anxiety. Not everyone looks forward to visiting the dentist. This is why we provide a friendly, patient-focused environment and will accommodate you accordingly.

Schedule A Dental Exam Today

If you have dental concerns that need a dentist to address, visit one of our Long Island, NY dentist offices. You can schedule your next dentist appointment at Bella Smiles with Dr. Pop, Dr. Caesar, or Dr. Lotardo. We welcome new patients to our warm and friendly dentist office. We serve patients in Roslyn, NY, Hampton Bays, Nesconset, and many North Shore communities.