Tooth Extractions Riverhead, Roslyn and Nesconset, NY

Dr. Lotardo, Dr. Pop, or Dr. Caesar may recommend a tooth extraction to address severe decay, tooth damage, or overcrowding of teeth. Tooth extractions are a general dentistry service Bella Smiles provides to the public in Long Island, NY.  to dentistry Sometimes, extracting natural teeth is a necessary dental treatment. However, it is a treatment of last resort. Our dentists will choose to remove the tooth to restore or maintain your dental health.

A tooth extraction is generally quick and with the use of a local anesthetic, minimally uncomfortable. Our dental care team will discuss aftercare to reduce pain, swelling, and bleeding. Most patients recover fast with no side effects. However, if you experience sudden or lingering pain or renewed bleeding contact our office as soon as possible for instructions on how to proceed.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

One of the most common types of tooth extractions is wisdom tooth removal. This procedure is often considered a “rite of passage” for young adults. We typically perform on patients in their late teens and early 20’s when the third set of molars appear. The sooner your dentist removes them, the better. The roots of the wisdom teeth continue to grow as we age making it harder for the dentist to remove them the longer they remain in the mouth. This is why it has simply become a standard practice to remove them.

In most patients, these teeth will likely not be functional at all. They may even cause more harm than good. Since they are very far back in your mouth, they are hard to brush and floss around. Since they are difficult to keep clean, they are more likely to develop cavities or even cause gum disease. Some patients simply do not have enough room for them and they experience overcrowding. This can lead to shifting and bite problems. If your wisdom teeth are impacted in the bone or a threat to your oral health, your dentist much remove them.

Most patients will not experience any uncomfortable symptoms. However, dentists agree patients should have them removed to avoid any possible future complications.

Dr. Lotardo can remove wisdom teeth in our Roslyn, Nesconset, and Riverhead, NY dentist offices in most cases. For complex situations, you may need to require oral surgery. We will refer you to a local oral surgeon to ensure the best result and recovery.

Tooth Extraction in Roslyn: What to Expect

We will first make you as comfortable as possible by numbing the area using a local anesthetic. Dr. Lotardo will remove the tooth by separating the supporting ligaments from the tooth and gently moving it back and forth to loosen it from the gum tissue. Once the tooth is loose, he will carefully remove it from the socket and secure the hole with sutures if you need them. We will give you instructions on how to care for your wound for the next few days. It is important to follow the instructions and care for the blood clots. This will help you avoid a painful condition called a dry socket.

For anxious or fearful patients we can offer dental sedation. We will discuss your needs prior to your procedure or during an initial visit or consult to provide a comfortable, relaxing environment.

If you need to replace your tooth, your Bella Smiles dentist will discuss the most appropriate treatment options available. We offer a full range of restorations such as dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures so that you can have a smooth transition after tooth extraction.