Multiple Teeth Dental Implants Riverhead, Roslyn and Nesconset, NY

For patients that are missing more than one tooth, multiple teeth dental implants are an effective treatment option that provides durable results. Dental implants are the only long-term and highly effective solution when someone is missing multiple teeth.

If you have several non-consecutive missing teeth, Dr. Sal Lotardo will simply replace each tooth with an implant-secured dental crown. He can replace an entire row or arch of teeth with implant-supported dentures. For consecutive missing teeth, he will use a dental bridge supported with dental implants.

Bella Smiles provides full-service implant procedures. That means we can do the entire process at our dentist office, without the need for you to see multiple specialists. Dr. Lotardo ensures that the services he provides will give you a long-lasting result that you will be happy with for years to come.

Dental Implants for Multiple Missing Teeth

Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

implant-supported bridge in Roslyn, NY

A dental bridge is used to replace several consecutive missing teeth. A dental bridge is traditionally secured using prepared adjacent teeth, essentially damaging healthy teeth. With the use of dental implants, a dental bridge can be permanently secured in place which doesn’t require the use of healthy adjacent teeth.

Dental bridges supported by dental implants provide structural support for the jaw and bite. Implant-supported dental bridges have a 35% higher success rate compared to traditional bridgework and provide the most lifelike replacement for missing teeth. A dental bridge may be secured using one or more dental implants.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported denture in Roslyn, NY

Denture implants offer more comfortable and lasting results when all of the top or bottom teeth are lost. Dr. Lotardo has the advanced training and experience needed to offer patients full-service dental implants, including the All-on-4™ procedure for securing a top or bottom denture.

Many patients struggle with traditional dentures that slip around in their mouth leading to embarrassing situations. Dentures that are secured using dental implants will eliminate that slipping. The All-on-4® procedure utilizes as few as four dental implants that are implanted into your jawbone.

Those implants will be used to permanently secure a denture. Denture implants allow patients to enjoy a diet without restriction and can help patients feel more confident in their smiles. They also eliminate the need for glues, adhesives, soaks, or rinses.

Several Implant-Supported Dental Crowns

If you have multiple non-consecutive missing teeth, then our Riverhead, NY dentists will recommend multiple tooth implants secured by a dental crown. Dental crowns can be made from several types of materials, all of which have enjoyed advances in recent years and can provide a lasting result.

Which Type is Right For Me?

Dr. Lotardo will meet one-on-one with each patient with multiple missing teeth. During your consultation, he will perform a thorough dental health exam and discuss all of your treatment options with you. He will then build a comprehensive treatment plan to restore both aesthetics and function to your smile.

The number and location of your missing teeth will determine which type of implant is right for you. As a highly trained dentist, Dr. Lotardo places every type of dental implant.

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