Choosing the Right Products for You

What dental hygiene products do you use? Chances are, you’ve been using the same products for most of your life without really thinking about it. But are these dental products really the best ones for you? Choosing something new can seem overwhelming, but keep your eye out for a few things and you will be well on the road to better choices.

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Fluoride is the name of the game when it comes to toothpaste. But what is it? Fluoride is a salt that combats tooth decay. While fluoride is added to municipal water throughout most of the United States, it is still good to use a fluoride toothpaste. Look for 1000 parts per million and an American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval.


A good toothbrush is all down to the bristles. Have you ever chosen stiff bristles thinking they will do a better job cleaning your teeth? Unfortunately, stiff bristles can also injure your gums and even damage enamel. A soft bristled brush is perfectly effective and also gentle on teeth and gums.

Electric vs. Manual

Some people claim that electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual toothbrushes. While you can get your teeth just as clean with a manual brush, an electric brush can be easier to use. Electric brushes can be particularly helpful for patients with mobility issues.


Fluoride is a good thing to look for in a mouthwash, as well. The key thing that sets apart mouthwashes, however, is alcohol. Non-alcoholic options may claim to be just as effective, but ultimately they just don’t have the same antibacterial properties as a traditional alcohol-based mouthwash.


What floss you use comes down to how much space there is between your teeth. Some people have very tightly set teeth, so a very thin floss will be the easiest to use. Other people have teeth that are more widely set, so a thick floss will be more effective. If you have particularly wide-set teeth, particularly with gaps between them, and especially thick floss called “dental tape” will work the best.

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Everyone’s mouth is different, and some patients may need to look for specialized health care products. If you have questions about building the best home healthcare routine, contact Drs. Sal Lotardo and Diana Pop at Bella Smiles in Riverhead and Roslyn, NY. To schedule an appointment, contact us on our website. You can also call our Riverhead office at (631) 574-3898 or our Roslyn office at (516) 619-8099.