The Advantages of Porcelain Dental Veneers

personal dental care in Riverhead NYAs we age, our teeth will begin to show their age, even if you regularly brush, floss and see your dentist, routine wear and tear will still happen. These cracks, gaps, chips, discoloration, and misalignments can cause you embarrassment and make you feel self-conscious about smiling. You may even feel afraid to smile when you really want to.

With porcelain dental veneers, the Long Island, NY dentists at Bella Smiles can improve the aesthetics of your smile by correcting the color, shape, and spacing of your teeth.

Refresh Your Existing Smile With Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can remove those unsightly spaces between your teeth or lengthen small or misshapen teeth or whiten teeth stained by smoking or drinking wine or coffee. Maybe your teeth are chipped, dented and are showing signs of wear? Porcelain dental veneers can protect them from further damage while also restoring their appearance in a way that looks fresh and youthful and feels natural.

Eating and drinking foods and beverages with lots of pigments or dyes or that have acidic properties like coffee, most fruit, and sugar can create stains on your enamel and can also result in increased sensitivity too. Because digestion begins in the mouth, everything we eat and drink affects our teeth, some things more than others. You may be thinking about having your teeth whitened, but dental veneers might be the ideal solution for you if you have several different dental issues like chips, gaps or other visible problems.

For small gaps between teeth, or just a few misaligned teeth, dental veneers could be a faster, less invasive and more affordable option than orthodontic treatment. Porcelain dental veneers are customized for each patient’s mouth and mounted over your existing teeth, so your Bella Smiles dentist can design yours to cover any minor misalignment, gaps, or cracks.

Are Dental Veneers Right For Me?

The porcelain dental veneers are installed by your Bella Smiles dentist after he or she removes the outermost layer of tooth enamel to prevent the veneers feeling overly large in your mouth or changing the shape of your mouth. After this, they are simply fastened to the teeth. This differs from the installation of a dental crown, where the damaged teeth are removed and the neighboring teeth are altered. With dental veneers, the teeth people see when you smile are still your own, but covered and refreshed with a protective layer, resulting in an enhanced version of your smile!

There are some individuals for whom porcelain veneers may not be the best option at this time. For example, individuals who suffer from bruxism — the clinical term for the habitual grinding of teeth — may want to consult with their Bella Smiles dentist about addressing this issue before veneers are installed. Patients with very sensitive teeth may not want to undergo the procedure until this issue is addressed due to discomfort caused by the preparation process. Fortunately, once these issues have been countered, most patients are able to benefit from veneers or are able to consider other cosmetic options provided by Bella Smiles

Restore Your Smile with Personalized Dental Care in Long Island, NY

To learn more about whether porcelain veneers are right for you, schedule an appointment at one of Bella Smiles’ convenient Long Island, NY offices in Nesconset, Riverhead or Roslyn today.