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Preventive dental care is when you actively care for your teeth and gums to avoid oral health issues. The most important thing you can do is brush your teeth every day as well as floss and use mouthwash. While brushing is the most important preventive measure, visiting our dentist office, where we treat patients from East Hills, NY, should also be part of your oral health care routine. Bella Smiles provides comprehensive dental services in Long Island, New York.

Visiting Dr. Diana Pop every six months will help prevent dental concerns and catch them early if any develop. Catching issues such as gum disease or tooth decay as soon as possible makes treatment much easier.

Preventive dental care in East Hills, NY

Preventive Dental Care in East Hills, NY

Not properly taking care of your oral health can lead to many negative consequences. You could develop dental cavities or gum disease, both of which can lead to bone loss and tooth loss. Gum disease is a common infection that damages the soft tissues in your mouth. It starts out as gingivitis, but your dentist can easily treat it at this stage to stop its progression.

Without treatment, gingivitis can develop into periodontitis, a serious infection that will cause bone loss and tooth loss. Dental cavities can also progress into larger problems without treatment.

A tooth filling is a simple procedure we can use to treat cavities. Without the filling, the tooth decay will get worse and the tooth may require a root canal or extraction. Preventive dental care is the only way to avoid these issues. Regular visits to our dentist office near East Hills, NY will allow us to catch your issues early when treatment is less extensive and less expensive.

Family Dentistry

The best part about our dental practice is we treat patients of all ages. We encourage you to bring in your child as soon as their primary teeth begin to erupt, or by the age of 1. Early visits to our office will help your child adjust to the dentist office atmosphere and not fear it at future visits. We offer a comfortable and relaxed office setting to help put your child at ease.

These early visits will also help prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay is a prevalent oral health concern that affects children of all ages. Dr. Pop will take the time to educate your children on proper oral health care routines. This will help your child establish lifelong healthy oral hygiene habits.

General Dental Services

At every visit to our East Hills, NY area dental office, you can expect the very best care. At each visit, Dr. Pop will perform an oral examination that will include a visual exam, screening for tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer, a bite analysis, and charting. You will also receive dental x-rays when necessary. You will have your teeth gently yet thoroughly cleaned by one of our registered dental hygienists.

We offer a full menu of effective treatments for those issues we discover that need treatment. The general dentistry services we offer include:

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry Treatments

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments offer a wide range of options for enhancing the appearance and functionality of your teeth. Whether you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your smile or restore damaged or missing teeth, these dental procedures can help you achieve your desired results.

For patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their smile, we offer many cosmetic dentistry treatments. We commit to helping our patients achieve a smile they are proud to show off. One popular cosmetic dentistry treatment is teeth whitening, which can effectively remove stains and discoloration due to factors such as aging, smoking, or consuming staining foods and beverages. This non-invasive procedure can brighten your smile and boost your self-confidence in a single visit.

Another common cosmetic option is porcelain veneers. These thin shells cover the front and side surfaces of your teeth, improving their shape, size, color, and overall appearance. Veneers are a versatile solution for correcting issues like chipped or misaligned teeth.

We also offer many restorative dentistry treatments for patients with missing or damaged teeth and other functional dental issues. For individuals with missing teeth, dental implants are a highly effective restorative option. Implants provide a permanent solution by replacing the tooth root with a titanium post that fuses with the jawbone. This creates a stable base for attaching lifelike prosthetic teeth, resulting in an improved chewing ability and an enhanced mouth.

Restorative dentistry also includes treatments such as dental crowns and bridges. Dental crowns will protect weakened or damaged teeth while restoring their usefulness and style. Dental bridges replace one or more lost teeth by anchoring artificial teeth between existing real teeth.

After a comprehensive evaluation of your dental health condition, we can recommend a treatment plan to help you get your smile and oral health back on track. It may include a combination of cosmetic and restorative treatments. These treatments can help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you desire. However, it’s important to consult with a qualified dentist who can assess your specific needs and recommend the most suitable treatment plan for you. Request an appointment online, or give us a call today.