6 Signs You Need Dental Implants

6 Signs You Need Dental ImplantsAre you tired of the messy and time-consuming process involved in wearing dentures? Are you tired of their slipping at the wrong moments (is there ever a right one?) and embarrassing you? Maybe you are experiencing pain due to a broken or severely cracked tooth? Or maybe you’ve been living with embarrassing gaps from lost teeth that make you self-conscious about smiling?

Maybe you’re wondering if dental implants would solve these problems for you?

No matter which situation you’re in, Nesconset Dental Associates in Nesconset, NY would like you to be educated about dental implants to discover whether they can be a solution for your dental problems.

So join us as we uncover 6 signs that you might need dental implants.

1. You have a severely cracked tooth or a broken tooth.

Dentists usually try to save as much of a tooth’s structure as possible when treating severe tooth decay. But sometimes, if the tooth is damaged beyond repair, your best option may be to have the tooth extracted and an implant installed to replace the problem tooth. If an implant is necessary, rest assured that your Nesconset Dental Associates dentist will craft it to look and function just like your natural teeth.

2. You are missing one or more of your natural teeth.

Gaps in your smile where from missing teeth are embarrassing and can make you self-conscious about your smile or even about just talking or eating in front of others. The implant is installed in the space where your natural tooth once lived and will look, feel and function just like your natural teeth too. Eventually, you may even forget you have an implant!

3. You have loose-fitting partials or a loose-fitting denture.

Loose-fitting dentures or partials can be nerve-wracking to live with, constantly worrying if your dentures are going to fall out in the middle of a meal or when talking at work. For this reason implants are an excellent alternative to dentures and partials. You will no longer have to worry about your “teeth” becoming loose or falling out throughout the day as implants are permanently attached.

4. You are starting to experience bone loss (in the jaw area).

It’s not widely known that missing teeth will cause your jaw bone tissue to deteriorate. Dental implants can actually prevent the loss of that bone tissue. The root of the implant that gets placed in the socket of the jawbone and acts as the artificial tooth root is constructed from titanium or zirconium. These materials are able to naturally bond to the bone tissue in a process called osseointegration. This enables the implant roots to stimulate jaw bone growth just like the natural tooth roots would, stopping the bone from deteriorating over time.

5. You have a sunken-in look to your mouth.

Did you ever notice the sunken-in or caved-in look of the mouths of some denture-wearers? This is an unfortunate side effect for people with patients who wear dentures due to bone loss in your jaw in places where teeth are missing. This bone loss results in the sunken-in, caved-in appearance. Dental implants resolve this issue by stimulating bone growth in the jaw around the implant (See #4 above for details).

6. You have a tooth that cannot be saved.

Sometimes a severely decayed or broken tooth cannot be fixed and must be extracted. Your dentist will thoroughly examine the tooth to make this determination. If this is the case a dental implant is often the best option to replace it as they look, feel and work like your natural teeth.

Dental Implants in Nesconset, NY

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