Should I Wear A Custom Fit Mouthguard For Sports?

Should I Wear A Custom Fit Mouthguard For Sports?No, you don’t really need a custom fit mouthguard to play your favorite sport as either an adult or child or even at a recreational level. But, do you really need footwear to play these sports? Again, the answer is no, but we all know it is easier and will protect your feet if you wear them while playing.

The same concept is applied to your teeth. Why would you want to risk losing your teeth or damaging them to the point where they may need to be surgically repaired when for just a couple dollars and a short visit to our office, you will be able to play with confidence knowing that your smile is protected against severe damage.

Think of it as a warranty for your investment. Your teeth being your investment, and a custom fit mouthguard being the warranty. Just like it is not recommended to purchase a vehicle without a warranty, it is not recommended to play sports without a warranty, which would be a custom fit mouthguard. You may be thinking, “Why does it need to be custom?” We are going to explain why a store-bought mouthguard will not be the best solution for your smile as each patient has a different and unique smile.

Custom Mouthguards For Sports

  • Can I Simply Purchase A Mouthguard Over The Counter At A Local Store?
    • Sure, you can however unless you are very lucky, you will most likely regret that decision and not use the mouthguard as it will be uncomfortable and perhaps even painful to wear. The issue from purchasing a custom fit mouthguard is that each patient has a unique and different smile making it almost impossible for an over the counter mouthguard to fit comfortably. The last thing you want from a mouthguard is one that causes cuts and irritation to your gum tissue possibly causing more oral issues in the future.
  • How Is A Mouthguard Customized?
    • Our custom fit mouthguards are fully customizable. We will take molds of your teeth and mouth to ensure a proper and comfortable fit. This will prevent the mouthguard from moving during your activities. Our custom fit mouthguard can also be customized to match your team colors or even to have your alter ego printed on the front of the mouthguard. Some athletes even choose to make their mouthguard an intimidation factor to try and give them an edge in the game. Check out some of the professional athletes that have custom mouthguard for some unique ideas for designs!

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