Teeth Whitening in Riverhead, NY

cosmetic dental care in riverhead ny Do you want to improve the appearance of your smile?

Professional teeth whitening treatment may be able to help you achieve your dream smile. At Bella Smiles in Riverhead, NY, cosmetic dentist Dr. Sal Lotardo offers professional teeth whitening treatment to help patients achieve a whiter, brighter smile. Professional teeth whitening can improve the appearance of dull, stained, and discolored teeth. Dr. Lotardo can work with you to determine if teeth whitening is right for you.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

What happens during in-office teeth whitening?

Dr. Lotardo uses Zoom! in office teeth whitening which can effectively whiten your natural smile up to 8 shades. Zoom! Teeth whitening is effective for most types of stains. During your treatment, Dr. Lotardo will carefully cover your lips and gums to minimize the chance of irritation. The Zoom bleaching gel will be placed on your teeth and activated by a special light for dramatic, long-lasting results. In office teeth whitening usually takes about an hour in our Riverhead dental office.

How long do the results of teeth whitening last?

Teeth whitening can last up to a year with proper care and maintenance. Dr. Lotardo can also supply take-home teeth whitening treatments for routine touch-ups.

What other treatments do you offer for discolored teeth?

Teeth whitening may not be an effective solution for all types of stains. Dr. Lotardo offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry solution that can be used to improve the appearance of dull, discolored teeth. After a consultation, Dr. Lotardo can determine if dental veneers, dental bonding, or dental crowns are right for your smile.

How do I maintain white teeth?

Patients will need to avoid foods and drinks that can stain the tooth enamel. Patients should also brush their teeth twice a day, floss daily, and use an antibacterial mouthwash to maintain a healthy smile. Dr. Lotardo also suggests that patients visit his Riverhead dental office at least twice a year for routine dental check-ups and routine screenings.

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you would like to explore your cosmetic dentistry options or ask about our teeth whitening treatment, you can contact Bella Smiles in Riverhead, NY. Patients can call (631) 574-3898 to schedule an appointment online.