Dental Concern: Halitosis

halitosis treatment in Riverhead NY At some point in your life, you will experience bad breath. However, when your bad breath isn’t resolved by brushing and flossing your teeth, it may mean you have developed halitosis. Halitosis is a treatable dental concern with proper maintenance and care. At Bella Smiles in Riverhead, NY, Dr. Sal Lotardo is committed to providing patients with personalized, comprehensive family dental care. Dr. Lotardo addresses your dental concerns and performs a comprehensive exam to find the cause of your halitosis and provide the appropriate treatment plan for you.


When dealing with a dental concern, it is important to find a dentist who will listen to your concerns and provide the appropriate treatment. Dr. Lotardo will examine your teeth to determine the cause of your halitosis. Halitosis can be an indicator of a more complex problem, so it is important to visit Bella Smiles if you notice any signs of Halitosis.

  • Tooth Decay: Tooth decay is usually caused by poor oral hygiene. When plaque begins to attack the teeth, tooth decay can develop and cause tooth sensitivity, toothache, tooth loss, and halitosis.
  • Gum Disease: Gum disease can cause deep pockets to form around the teeth, which store bacteria. A side effect of gum disease is halitosis, so if you are experiencing halitosis, it is important to visit Dr. Lotardo so that he can properly examine your teeth. At Bella Smiles, we offer a full range of periodontal therapy for patients with gum disease.
  • Smoking: Smoking can leave your teeth more prone to cavities, tooth decay, dry mouth, and gum disease. Smoking can also have adverse effects on your breath and overall health.
  • Dry Mouth: When the mouth doesn’t produce the necessary amount of saliva, dry mouth can occur. Dry mouth can cause mouth sore, sore throat, and halitosis. Dry mouth may be a side effect of certain kinds of medication so Dr. Lotardo may work in collaboration with your doctor to find a solution for your dry mouth.

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If you are experiencing halitosis, schedule a visit to Bella Smiles in Riverhead, NY. Dr. Lotardo will examine your teeth and determine which treatment is right for your smile. Patients can call (631) 574-3898 or schedule an appointment online