Straighten Your Teeth Using Invisalign

Invisalign dentist in Roslyn, New YorkIf you are experiencing crooked and misaligned teeth, Bella Smiles may have the solution for you. Bella Smiles is home to restorative and cosmetic dentist Dr. Sal Lotardo. Dr. Lotardo offers Invisalign to patients who want a comfortable, convenient way to straighten their teeth. Invisalign is available to patients of all ages who want a comfortable, convenient, discreet way to align the teeth without the hassle of traditional braces.

Treating Misaligned Teeth

Although many patients want to treat misaligned teeth due to cosmetic reasons, misaligned teeth can also affect your overall oral health. When the teeth are misaligned, it may be more difficult for patients to properly clean all surfaces of the teeth. Misaligned teeth may also contribute to complex dental issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and TMJ. Finding a proper solution to treat crooked teeth can save patients time, money, and discomfort in the future.

Invisalign may be an ideal solution for patients with: 

  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Gapped Teeth
  • Underbite
  • Openbite


Invisalign is the excellent way for patients to realign their teeth over a period of time. Patients of all ages can benefit from using Invisalign. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is a clear, removable solution for patients with crooked teeth. Aligners are worn throughout the day and may be removed to eat and during brushing and flossing.
Dr. Lotardo creates custom-made aligners using unique CAD/CAM software for advanced treatment planning and consistent results. Once your custom made aligners are created, Dr. Lotardo will go over the correct way to wear and take care of your new aligners. Patients can expect to visit our Riverhead, NY dentist office over the course of their treatment to ensure your teeth are realigned correctly and to make any necessary adjustments to your treatment. The length of your treatment depends on the severity of misaligned teeth and other factors. Dr. Lotardo will take the time to ensure you are comfortable, well informed during your treatment

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Straighter teeth will improve the aesthetic and function of your smile. Don’t wait until you have a severe case before you visit the dentist. Dr. Lotardo will work with you to find a treatment that is just right for your smile. If you would like to explore Invisalign and other therapies, contact Bella Smiles in Riverhead, NY.